Soul Connections Transformational Retreat


At a Soul Connections retreat you will relax, laugh, enjoy life, and allow God’s energy to wash your heaviness away as you let the magic begin. Your soul will be illuminated as you go through a spiritual awakening and you transform into a Certified Divine Blessing giver.


Once you are officially registered for this transformational retreat, you enter the vortex and Wanda begins to work with you in the non-physical realm by channeling Divine Blessings directly to you. This energy will increase even more two weeks before the retreat. Life starts to shift to a new dimension as struggle, and issues begin to fade and are replaced with more aliveness, energy, joy and love.


As soon as you arrive at the beautiful Negril Yoga Center, your body and mind will begin to slow down and relax. Wanda begins to talk to you and you notice yourself relaxing even further. Over the next five unforgettable days you will experience powerful live Soul Connections. Wanda will be immersing you in God’s love and grace. There is no heavy processing, no revealing your life story, yet years of resistance, fear, and limitation begin to melt away.

God’s grace uplifts your vibration; making room for more joy and fun in your life.


Wanda will be teaching light hearted yoga, we will be luxuriating in pleasurable spiritual activities that will encourage you to tap into your intuition, reconnecting to your soul, eating delicious healthy foods, and enjoying free time to swim in the ocean, take walks, laugh with your new friends, and connect with nature, between profound life changing activities.


Over the course of the retreat you shift and lighten up as you evolve into a Divine Blessings giver. Once you are home the transformation will continue. You will be able to go forth and help the world lighten up and heal. You will never forget this turning point in your life.


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