Yoga at Reflections


At Reflections Yoga and Wellness Studio all yoga classes are designed to take you back to your intended state where the mind is quiet and the body is toned and relaxed. Yoga uses a system of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, tapping into inner energy reserves, generating health and happiness from within. Yoga enhances health and youthfulness of the body and clarity of the mind. Regular practice can help to counter ageing and relieve excess tension. Yoga is a non competitive; anyone can benefit from yoga. It can be as gentle or as challenging as you make it.


Wanda believes that life should be fun and light hearted, she brings that belief into her yoga teach style. Her classes are cheerful and fun. Wanda teaches intuitively, tailoring each class towards the needs of those attending that specific class. She encourages people to modify the poses in order to hold them with relative ease, using pillows, blocks, straps and blankets. She wants everyone to get the most out of each and every class. Her aim is to have each and every student feel more limber and relaxed and happier at the end of each class.


Wanda often combines other modalities into her yoga nidra (nap time) at the end of each class. Wanda has a gift; she has the ability to immerse her students in Divine healing energy, helping them to lighten up and feel even more amazing than they previously did. She often also includes angel therapy, guided meditation or even on occasion teaches self healing, using Reflexology.


Reflections, yoga classes are offered in two formats: Individual personalized sessions and smaller intimate group classes. Come join us at Reflections Yoga and Wellness Studio – start building your way back to health and happiness today.

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